Our Mission

The Wyoming County Community Alliance connects and educates non-profit & service organizations who strengthen Wyoming County communities.

Our Vision

The Wyoming County Community Alliance, a catalyst for a thriving Wyoming County community.

Our Values

Innovation. Integrity. Diversity. Productivity. Transparency. Work Ethic. Compassion. Collaboration. Education. Communication. Coordination.

Our Approach

Quick response to community needs, building solutions to solve community concerns is our goal. Whether you are an existing non-profit, a start-up organization or someone with an idea, we have established an informational network that will lead you effectively to services, suppliers, and appropriate governmental agencies. One call to the Wyoming County Community Alliance will help you -- (570) 836-7755.

Our Programs

Our Board of Directors

David Jennings – President
Deborah Shurtleff
Maureen Mahoney
Frank Sorokach
Leann Jennings
Gina Suydam